“It’s not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.”

-Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

Dad's Guidance. 
Wrong Perspective
Kristy was conditioned, as a child, to view Mental Health struggles as a greater failure than unhealthy coping mechanisms or addictions, through her dad’s mentoring. 

After a long arduous journey of piecing her childhood memories together, Kristy feels contrary to her dad.

She believes, her father struggled with undiagnosed Depression and coped through unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

She also concluded, her mother struggled with
Bi-Polar Disorder, which eventually progressed into a more serious Mental Illness, possibly Schizophrenia

With her dad never revealing the specifics of her mother’s diagnosis, Kristy can only describe what she witnessed as a young child. ​ 

Abuse Survivor
Sometimes, through the lack of others physical presence, Kristy silently wondered if she was like-able?

While seeking her answer, she has realized she simply viewed life from a different lens; her formative years were spent catering to her parents' addictions. 

Kristy discovered what you tell yourself, as the result of abuse, is usually a lot worse than the actual truth.
Personal History
Kristy grew up in a small rural farming community in an agricultural valley.

She's the third and last child of her immediate family, having an older brother and sister.

She also was the third generation living in their small community, after her mother and grandmother.
Their Adventures
Husband and Wife Team
Kristy has been married to her husband for over forty-one-years. They have found many ways to enjoy life together; both love photography, hiking, camping, and rock hounding.

When weather permits Kristy is her husband's compainion on their motorcycle. 

Kristy and her husband have been extras in a big screen movie and their family was featured in a T.V. commercial.

Husband and wife have hiked to the top of South Sister in central Oregon, a difficult twelve mile round trip to the top of a 10,358-foot mountain, Lassen Peak a 10,457-foot mountain in California, and Black Crater a 7,251-foot VERY difficult hike in Central Oregon.

They've also hiked eleven miles round trip to Jefferson Parkway, twice, and another day hike fouteen miles round trip to Tunnel Falls, and h iked eighteen miles in a day to see as much of Yosemite National Park  as possible.

They've rode in a hot air balloon, and white water rafted, when she hates heights and being immersed; the raft flipped.

They've deep-sea fished on a Dory launched from Cape Kiwanda, Oregon, and rented pontoon boats with their family for both Lake Murray S.C. and Detroit Lake, Oregon, even though she doesn't know how to swim.
Acrylic Landscape Painting
Kristy also enjoys painting, and gardening in her spare time.​​ She frequently paints upside down, for the intricate work.

She states, "​​When I view the lines as angles and formations I’m able to complete the painting." She says this method takes away the normal formation, making it easier for her to concentrate on the lines.

Kristy knows she does her painting differently than others that doesn’t mean it’s wrong, just different.

In Kristy's perspective being or doing something differently, occasionally, has its benefits.